Sunday, December 27, 2009


We need your help to find a 1 y.o. female Bulldog who went missing on Xmas Eve am. Last seen getting into a dark gray BMW SUV (or similar)around 11 am on Sicklerville Rd in Sicklerville, NJ. Her family come to our rescue events and in fact, their son Gregory, is always a helper at the costume contest, etc. Gregory has ......Downs Syndrome and is completely distraught over Lola's loss.They've contacted the police, animal hospitals and shelters. This photo was taken on their way to the Octo-Bull-Fest this past Halloween. Lola is red brindle and white and has cherry eye on the right eye. Please post her picture where you can. They just want her home, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Please contact us at HeavenSent Bulldog Rescue (215-514-9818) or or the family directly at (856) 718-6110. LARGE REWARD. Please help Lola get home - post this everywhere PLEASE !

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Corgie Butt's Blog

There are some faces that just HAVE to be seen - like Gibson's !
This handsome fellow is sporting his NFL Colts collar.
He's a fan of the Colts AND of Big Doggy Bling !

Please check out Corgi Butt's Blog -
where you can see more pictures of Gibson
and his friends and some great links !!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Best of Times & The Worst of Times ...

People are doing things
they have never done before.
Our new business -
opened on Tuesday.
I am thrilled with the response!

A lot of old customers
have already come back

(we were originally an antiques shop)
and so many NEW customers
have been in
with interest in other things!
I've sold quite a few collars
and leashes here already!

Shoppers today are being more careful
with their money,

and more specific about who gets it.
I personally like to see my money
go right into the hands
of the person who took the risk
I guess that comes from many years
of being a business owners
of BEING the people taking the risk
& providing a living for our employees.

I respect someone
who has put their personal best

into developing their craft,
identifying their target market,
& designing to meet the wants & needs
of that particular audience.

Success depends on more than
having talent & having personal goals.
When there is rationale
behind what someone creates,

I am driven to support that person,
even if it's a craft for which I have
no particular use.

I am intrigued by innovation.

So in these harder economic times,
perhaps the worst of times,
I see people discovering their talents.
And for many - they are finding
the vision & skill
that might otherwise
have gone undiscovered.
It is very very cool.

We're still seeking
talented artists & crafters.

We have a certain target retail audience
and I believe we are hitting our mark.
Time will tell.

Here is the blog for
Medford Company Store
Please follow our blog and share it
in support of fellow independent crafters.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


So ... this was my first giveaway on my own blog. There were 34 comments posted and I really enjoyed reading about your dogs ! Thank you to all who participated ! I enjoyed your stories and I KNOW ALL your dogs are heros !

The winner via random number generator is Number 3, "Sarah - Chewy's Mom" . Sorry I can't figure out how to post the generator here . By the time I do my next giveway I'll have that figured out.

If Chewy's Mom - Sarah will please write to me , we'll get that SUPERDOG prize to you!!!

Thanks again, everyone !

Sunday, August 2, 2009


My Dog, My Hero

There goes my hero - watch him as he goes ...

Our dogs are all heroes – for many reasons and in so many ways. Some are so brave they scare away monsters; others so aware they protect us from shadows & dust bunnies. Some bring out the best in us while others forgive the worst; many teach us lessons of recovery and survival. They love unconditionally & without judgement, filling the hearts of some people who thought they might never be loved.

I remember a therapy dog – “Chivas” – another kind of hero. This shiny majestic Golden Retriever regularly visited a convalescent home, proudly attired in his jester’s hat or his Superman cape, and always headed straight over to his favorite old gent, a stoke victim who spoke only one word - “Chivas”.

Tell us about your hero – it doesn’t have to be a sensational story – just a short one, even just a sentence or two. Maybe your hero made you laugh one day when you were sad. Maybe she fetched your paper during a storm. Maybe he’s a service dog, or miraculously barked and woke you when your house was on fire – or found an abandoned kitten. Or maybe he ate that broccoli you hated as a child.

Share your story with us and you can win my original "SUPERHERO" ensemble!

This set is listed in my shop and sizing details are available there. I'll make it to fit any size hero and I'll provide it as a a martingale if that's if the winner's choice.

Here’s how you can get up to 5 entries:

  • 1) You must follow my blog.
  • 2) Post a link to this giveaway on your social networking site of choice (one entry per website, leave a separate comment for each link-back to have them all counted) This is limited to a max three entries per person via socila networking. Examples include blogs, facebook, myspace, twitter, plurk, etc.
  • 3) Write your story and post it to my bog. You are limited to one hero story. Please keep your story releavant and concise.

Entry deadline is Saturday, Aug.29, Midnight EST. Winner will be selected by random generator. Winner will be posted and contacted on Sunday, Aug. 30th.

8/4/09 - REMEMBER!!
To get every entry you have earned, please come back and post a link to where you have tweeted, etc. separating those links with a comma so they will each be counted ! Thanks !

Thanks for participating !

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Medford Company Store Craft Cooperative

We're doing it NOW ! Please check out
Medford Company Store
Calling all crafters, makers, artists and teachers ....
Please check us out and tell your talented friends and colleagues ...
We are now accepting applications !
This is a great opportunity to run your own business with no investment !

Here is a link to a photostream to give you an idea of what we have to offer. These are photos of the inside of the store when it was an antiques shop, pictures of the back garden area ( available to crafters ) and some before pictures. com/photos/ 40783993@ N03/

Friday, July 24, 2009

Turning The Day In The Right Direction ...

There is always a way. Today I scored my 500th Heart on Etsy !!!
It was delivered by this cool Etsian ...
Anne Clarke Art - Inspried by life