Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Britty Kitties

Ahhh ... to blog.

Most certainly a bright end to a dark winter - the birth of the Britty Kitties.
Feral Momma found her way into our shop workroom when it was brutally cold outside. Phantom.

I started leaving food for her and she stayed. Usually what I saw was her shadow, and sometimes her face. She waited every day and eventually passed close to me on her way to a freshly filled bowl. She never used the litter pan.

They were born on St.Patrick's day - 4 loud little brats - in a crude "nest" she arranged in an antique cabinet. We outfitted a large dog crate with a rug and blanket and covered it a bit to make it warm. We moved them there on the their third day of life. Overnight they had doubled in size. Momma joined them and never wanders from them.
Now she uses the litter pan.


Rosey said...

awww, look at those chubby little lovelies :oD You have done a wonderful job on the momma Pam - she looks in very good nick for a lactating feral. I'd love an update on their progress....

Big Doggy said...

Hi ! I never kept up on the blog about the kitties. It was my first blog entry and then I stalled. All kitties went to great homes. I still have never been able to pet momma, but she has her mail delivered here. Go figure.

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