Monday, June 29, 2009

Vote For A Gorgeous Wedding Inspiration Board !


This delicious color combination makes me believe that if I attended this wedding, I would have a wonderful time , and I'd get to use all my favorite words when I described it to my friends.
It also makes me want a
Anyone who knows me at AT ALL knows
that my favorite color combination is

orange and pink !

Read all about this inspiration board at

I hope you will give it YOUR vote !
Somebody's beautiful dogs have great taste, too !

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Handmade Faire July 18th in Medford, NJ

Handmade Faire 2009

Soooo ... Big Doggy Bling will be there !
I must get crackin' and sew sew sew.
I haven't participated in a craft fair before.
I guess that means I'm a craft fair virgin !!
I'll be setting out a nice display of
collars & leashes and some harnesses.
I'll be sure to have on hand
a good selection of collars for Greyhounds !

I'm looking forward to the opportunity
to demonstrate my specialty leashes and limited slip collars.
I wonder if people will have their dogs with them !??

Well I'm excited !!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Canine Couture !

It is so easy to please dog lovers !
When you care about dressing their dogs right,
they are happy!

I can do it.
Whatever someone wants - I can make it.

Sometimes I have to figure it out first,
but I CAN make it.

It's so satisfying when someone tells me
I made exactly what they wanted !

When somebody is spending their hard earned money
to style their pets,
it matters.
Whether it's a great big harness
or a tiny little collar

- I'll go to any length -
I'll search for fabrics, ribbons,
special hardware or webbing -
I'll make ribbon from fabric,

or I'll provide links
to great fabric and trim merchants
on etsy.

It's a rush, kind of - getting it right.
I like this.