Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Warren

My dogs love to roll in the dirt .We have dry crusty dirt - the kind that feels like sandpaper scratching their backs through their thick fur - I guess. I don't roll in it. I do, however, often vacuum these dogs in a futile effort to remove the nice scratchy sandy dirt from their thick fur.

Several weeks ago my husband fenced off a favorite dirt rolling area and seeded it to grow new grass. And it grew and it grew. A few days ago, the fence was removed and the grass looks - grassy. My dogs find new things - like grass - very interesting and inviting and naturally tried it out in the very organic ways that dogs will. I called them back into the house and they all came running except for one. Mimi, my PBT, was very interested in one area of the grass and was staring at it intensly & ignoring me. I walked out to look at what had her so interested, expecting to find an injured bird or something like that and saw nothing unusual. I coaxed her to com'on along.

A while later I heard her barking - serious barking - and saw her herding two of my dogs back into the house through the doggy door. Mimi planted herself in front of the doggy door making it impossible for the others to come back out.

Later still I was about to run errands and checked to make sure everyone was inside. Mimi was out at the particular spot , asleep on the ground. Strange - really strange. I walked over to check her and she jumped up wagging her tail and doing her happy dance.She had dug. Great.Just what we didn't need - Mimi digging up the new grass.

But she HADN'T "dug". Mimi had uncovered a litter of baby bunnies and had been laying there to protect them !

I'm amazed. Completely amazed. First of all, the obvious - my Pitbull found these babies -that ANY dog would find them and not destroy them , even accidentally ...
(Steinbeck's Lennie " Can I still tend the rabbits, George?" ) well that simply amazes me.But she didn't even really dig. She didn't even destroy the nest.There were scratch marks in the ground in the typical "digger" pattern. But she stopped !! Why ? How did she know to stop ? How did she know that these were not toys. Or prey. How did she know they were vulnerable,delicate babies that she needed to protect ? So that amazes me.

But I'm also amazed just at the fact that there is a nest of baby rabbits in my yard.
Maybe I'm just very simple . Well I know I'm simple. Why my yard ? Kittens under the barn, kittens in the work room - and we don't have a cat !And now bunnies in the middle of the yard.

I know millions of people have had this experience and won't find it so amazing. And Millions would find it a nuisance.I know this isn't the first batch of bunnies that were born in my yard,and I know they are born everywhere every day. But these were born in MY yard, and MY dog found them and didn't kill them, and I got to see them and it totally thrills me.I'm still amazed. There is so much life in my yard.


Rosey said...

Go Mimi :oD Surrogate mama dog extraordinaire!

I would be enchanted to find bunnies in the back yard, but we are too inner city for that to happen *iz disappointed*

BigDoggyBling said...

Thank you ! It's a beautiful thing ! :-)

Love 2 B Inspired said...

awwwwwwwwwww!! What a sweet story to share. I think our dogs amaze us at what they are capable of..including being gentle creatures.

HappyHound said...

What a heart warming story. That photo is the sweetest ever! Did the momma come back for her babies?

Michele Martin said...

I have never seen such a cute thing. I thought puppies were cute but baby bunnies....oy vey! How are they doing?

If you need, I have some good hemp bedding...I can send you a free bag.

Big Doggy said...

The bunnies started hopping away during the day, coming back each night. Now they have left the nest completely and are spending most of their around our goat yard. We see them chasing about in circle just about every day !

Anonymous said...

very cute!

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