Friday, July 3, 2009

Whoa Baby Boutique

Whoa Baby Boutique has it all
if you are a lover of babies or bling
or baby bling !

please take a look at these
adorable designs, all fasionably
crafted with TLC !!

I'm definitely boomarking this spot for
that day, some day, when the grand-stork
makes a stop
in Medford !
Whoabay's Lisa is also a Bulldog lover
and has honored me by naming

her first featured

Shop-of-the-Month !

Thanks, Lisa !


aprilrobin said...

I love the subtle hints my mother is using on her own blog to try and manipulate me.

Talk to Max about it.

Very cute though!

BigDoggyBling said...

Just go ahead and keep on breaking my heart.

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