Sunday, August 2, 2009


My Dog, My Hero

There goes my hero - watch him as he goes ...

Our dogs are all heroes – for many reasons and in so many ways. Some are so brave they scare away monsters; others so aware they protect us from shadows & dust bunnies. Some bring out the best in us while others forgive the worst; many teach us lessons of recovery and survival. They love unconditionally & without judgement, filling the hearts of some people who thought they might never be loved.

I remember a therapy dog – “Chivas” – another kind of hero. This shiny majestic Golden Retriever regularly visited a convalescent home, proudly attired in his jester’s hat or his Superman cape, and always headed straight over to his favorite old gent, a stoke victim who spoke only one word - “Chivas”.

Tell us about your hero – it doesn’t have to be a sensational story – just a short one, even just a sentence or two. Maybe your hero made you laugh one day when you were sad. Maybe she fetched your paper during a storm. Maybe he’s a service dog, or miraculously barked and woke you when your house was on fire – or found an abandoned kitten. Or maybe he ate that broccoli you hated as a child.

Share your story with us and you can win my original "SUPERHERO" ensemble!

This set is listed in my shop and sizing details are available there. I'll make it to fit any size hero and I'll provide it as a a martingale if that's if the winner's choice.

Here’s how you can get up to 5 entries:

  • 1) You must follow my blog.
  • 2) Post a link to this giveaway on your social networking site of choice (one entry per website, leave a separate comment for each link-back to have them all counted) This is limited to a max three entries per person via socila networking. Examples include blogs, facebook, myspace, twitter, plurk, etc.
  • 3) Write your story and post it to my bog. You are limited to one hero story. Please keep your story releavant and concise.

Entry deadline is Saturday, Aug.29, Midnight EST. Winner will be selected by random generator. Winner will be posted and contacted on Sunday, Aug. 30th.

8/4/09 - REMEMBER!!
To get every entry you have earned, please come back and post a link to where you have tweeted, etc. separating those links with a comma so they will each be counted ! Thanks !

Thanks for participating !


Grace said...

Yay!!! My Sodapop would love this!

I'm following your blog now and retweeted you on twitter =)

Finley and Oliver

Christy Lee said...

My hero is my dog Ares...he's still a puppy, but a big puppy, 84 pounds at 5 months...but he is the best dog with my baby. My son and my nieces can climb on him, walk on him, tug on his ears, and he just lays there with a good nature. He's the best dog I could ask for. Not sure why people consider Mastiff's to be mean dogs, because mine isn't!
Thank you for the giveaway. He could definitely use a new collar and leash!

Chewy's Mama said...

My Chewy has to be the most loving little guy ever! He helped me get through the hardest moment of my life. He was there for me and made me smile at times when I felt it was impossible. And at a time when I felt alone, he wouldn’t leave my side and would lick the tears from my cheek. No matter how many times I pushed him away, his stubbornness wouldn’t let him give up on me. I truly owe Chewy my life. He is the most wonderful Bully in the world!

AbbieRoad said...

I already tweeted/facebooked this, and I'm following your blog!

my doggy hero - Fiona - Pomeranian

When I was pregnant, and inevitably reached the stage that bending over to my feet, or to pick her up was quite uncomfortable. She learned to do a running jump style thing, to jump up my leg and into my arms! It was great :)
Also - and this was the best! I worked as a waitress when I was pregnant so when I came home my feet hurt , were swollen, etc. She would bite onto the end of my sock and pull them off for me! It was really handy! I didn't even have to teach her that, she did it on her own.... such a great little girl! Of course she would run and hide them under my bed which was another challenge getting them out - but, that's what hubby was for haha.


Ariela said...

I follow your blog!

I have 3 miniature schnauzers: Rascal, Roxanne and Remy

I would have to say Rascal is my hero! He has had a rough year (lost Rocky, our other dog about a year ago, his best friend!) and Rascal has taken it pretty hard. He is 10 years old and was in great health. Things have changed a big but he is still such a strong little guy! Even though his sight isn't the best he has the best attitude ever. He keeps me going for sure!

What a great giveaway! Thanks!

Chewy's Mama said...

I also tweeted and posted to Facebook!

Anonymous said...

Following with Google Friend Connect :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Shared on Facebook

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

My superhero dog was "Punky Princess Pepper". I lost her in October 2006, but she remains in my heart forever. Thinking of her still makes me cry. Here's part of her story:

"I’ve had alot of dogs through the years, but none with a sweeter disposition than Pepper. She was shy and would bark or growl, but only in fear. Her sole purpose in life has been to give and receive love. She has done it magnificently. She’s always been a good dog, a mindful dog. I could always trust her to not stray far from my side. She asked so little — food, shelter — and gave me so much. I can honestly say I love Pepper more than I care about most humans."

You can read more here: Tribute To Pepper

Today, I'm fortunate to have another female miniature schnauzer, Pepper Too :) She'll be three-years-old in September.

amanda said...

This is a fabulous giveaway! I follow your blog.
oheeyore at hotmail dot com

Audrey said...

When our boys were little we had a Bouvier named Bo. She was very protective, loved the boys. One year Luke wanted to set up the tent and have 2 friends over for the night. He was a bit scared of the dark so thought he could have a flashlight on in the tent all night. NOT! After discussing it for a bit we realized he was scared something would come in the tent during the night. So that evening after dark, we had Luke go out to the tent, sit in it (in the dark) and wait to see what would happen. It didn't take long and Bo walked around the tent twice, sniffing it, then lay down in front of the door. Luke sat in the tent for about 1/2 an hour waiting to see what she would do. After he came in we asked what would possibly get into the tent with Bo guarding the door? The next night he and his friends went to sleep in the tent with no flashlight. And sure enough, Bo walked around the tent a couple of times and lay down in front of the door and stayed there all night.
We really loved that dog!!

SiSi said...

My hero is my hubby! He's been there for me, through my ups and downs :)
great giveaway, thanks!

SiSi said...

I blogged about your giveaway:

feel free to post your new giveaways there in the future:)

SiSi said...

and tweeted it as well, I'm @hmgiveaways.

TZel said...

Our dog L is a diabetes alert dog in training, and we hope that his alerts can save our daughter's life- now that is a superdog! Thanks!

Linda K said...

My dog is an 8 year old min pin that I rescued 4 years ago. he tries to protect me from the evils of the world (i.e. other people) when we take our walks.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

canadiangiveaways said...

My new dog is a hero because he takes everything in stride and never complains (unlike my older dog who hates new things and complains all the time!!)



And following your blog

Anonymous said...

My doggie hero is my Cockapoo named Astro. He keeps me from being lonely during the day when my family is away. He also loves to play with me which gives me exercise and makes me laugh.
He would love a new collar!
wandanamgreb (at) gmail (dot) com

Karen said...

I am following your blog.
south of the

Karen said...

Why my dog is a hero? She is a new dog for us, we adopted her about three months ago. She is about 6 months old, and very smart. We all say that don't we.

I don't know how heroic it is but she has figured out that the bathroom is the place for certain functions, and if I don't take her out fast enough (she talks when she needs out), she pees in the shower. Much easier to clean up. Now if she would just figure out that it is the toilet, not the shower that we use.

south of the

Anonymous said...

We have a 10 year old Chocolate Lab that is the best dog in the world! He has always been so sweet and gentle with all the cats I bring home! (But we spent the weekend with a friend who has a cat that terrorizes him. Poor guy!)

Anonymous said...

I follow your blog

Anonymous said...

I posted this on my blog

minishoes1 said...

I am a new follower. My hero is my dog,Ginger Bug. About 8 yrs A friend gave me her and it was love at first site! (She's a chihuahua/terrior mix)I was going through a bad devorce from my husband and she rescued me from my depression. I know she was sent from heaven to help and she is the child I never had. Thanks!

stitch said...

Mine was our saint benard. She was the runt of the litter and full grown she only weighed 45 pounds. She kept barking one day when some one was trying to break into our neighbors house. She left us a few years ago at the age of 11, bu we will remeber her forever.

bcgirll said...

I follow your blog.

My dog is a hero because he brought comfort to so many fellow residents of my husband when he was in a care facility. People who rarely communicated with others reached out to him, and he brought some to tears as they remembered their own dogs. He was unfailingly patient and didn't flinch when awkwardly touched.

tooluckyducky AT hotmail DOT com

Michelle said...

I just became a follower of your blog

Michelle said...

I just tweeted about it too

Chewy's Mama said...

Posted to myspace and i'm following your blog!

TZel said...

I am following as bridgestranslation

KelbelleDesigns said...

This is a FABULOUS giveaway!!

I'm following your blog!

KelbelleDesigns said...

...and just retweeted your link! :0)

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