Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Best of Times & The Worst of Times ...

People are doing things
they have never done before.
Our new business -
opened on Tuesday.
I am thrilled with the response!

A lot of old customers
have already come back

(we were originally an antiques shop)
and so many NEW customers
have been in
with interest in other things!
I've sold quite a few collars
and leashes here already!

Shoppers today are being more careful
with their money,

and more specific about who gets it.
I personally like to see my money
go right into the hands
of the person who took the risk
I guess that comes from many years
of being a business owners
of BEING the people taking the risk
& providing a living for our employees.

I respect someone
who has put their personal best

into developing their craft,
identifying their target market,
& designing to meet the wants & needs
of that particular audience.

Success depends on more than
having talent & having personal goals.
When there is rationale
behind what someone creates,

I am driven to support that person,
even if it's a craft for which I have
no particular use.

I am intrigued by innovation.

So in these harder economic times,
perhaps the worst of times,
I see people discovering their talents.
And for many - they are finding
the vision & skill
that might otherwise
have gone undiscovered.
It is very very cool.

We're still seeking
talented artists & crafters.

We have a certain target retail audience
and I believe we are hitting our mark.
Time will tell.

Here is the blog for
Medford Company Store
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