Sunday, December 27, 2009


We need your help to find a 1 y.o. female Bulldog who went missing on Xmas Eve am. Last seen getting into a dark gray BMW SUV (or similar)around 11 am on Sicklerville Rd in Sicklerville, NJ. Her family come to our rescue events and in fact, their son Gregory, is always a helper at the costume contest, etc. Gregory has ......Downs Syndrome and is completely distraught over Lola's loss.They've contacted the police, animal hospitals and shelters. This photo was taken on their way to the Octo-Bull-Fest this past Halloween. Lola is red brindle and white and has cherry eye on the right eye. Please post her picture where you can. They just want her home, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Please contact us at HeavenSent Bulldog Rescue (215-514-9818) or or the family directly at (856) 718-6110. LARGE REWARD. Please help Lola get home - post this everywhere PLEASE !

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A HUGE Thank you to Carol Erickson of Channel 3 who posted Lola's information to her Lost and Found Pets page and will include Lola in her Sunday show on 1/3/10. Let's hope this helps bring Lola back home safely.

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